Exclusive car transport in  safe hands

We understand how valuable your vehicle is to you, which is why we take care of it like our own throughout the transportation. With our covered transports, you can transport your exclusive car in style while being sure that it is protected from the elements.

We transport your vehicle within Sweden & Europe

Do you need to transport a car within Sweden or Europe? With our car transportation services, we guarantee that your car will always arrive in exactly the same condition as when you handed it over to us. Call, email or submit a quote request to find the best solution for how we can transport your car in the best possible way.

What makes us different?

Our covered trailers are completely neutral, with no logos or anything else to attract
attention. They also have lockable doors, which means that your car is completely protected from the curious eyes and sometimes long fingers of the outside world. Something that is particularly important on longer journeys. Our open trailers comes with the same service as the closed. And no matter which one of our services you choose, you as a customer will always be in the center.

Here's how our exclusive car transport works in 4 easy steps

When you choose our exclusive car transport service, you can be sure that your car will be transported with care and attention. Here is an overview of how our process works, from start to finish.


Our experienced and trained driver will come to your address and inspect the car to make sure it is in good condition for transportation. We also note any special instructions or requests you may have.


We prepare the car for transportation by placing protective materials on exposed areas and carefully loading it onto our transport vehicle.


We transport your car to its destination with care and precision. Our covered transport ensures that your car is protected from weather and other external influences during transportation.


Our driver delivers your car directly to the agreed destination and inspects it thoroughly for any damage before you take delivery. We guarantee that your car will be delivered to you in the same condition as when we picked it up.

Fantastically good. No stress, friendly, professional and thorough. Highly recommended. Would have liked to give more than 5 stars if possible. Thank you very much!

Peter Lundström
Customer Opinion

Top notch one of the few companies that know exactly what service means!
Communication, updates, on time, proper.

Customer Opinion

Service minded & solution oriented, thank you for great help with transportation of collectibles from southern Europe!

Fredrik Jansson

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Transport a car within Sweden

We pick up and deliver vehicles in several parts of the country. Here we list some of the most common destinations:

  • Malmö

  • Gothenburg

  • Stockholm

  • Piteå

  • Luleå

  • Sundsvall

  • Gotland

Transport vehicles within Europe

In a covered car transport, the car is protected from all dirt, dust, and salt that instead ends up on the sides of the trailer, not on your car. Our covered trailers are completely neutral without logos and other things that may attract attention. They also have lockable doors, which means that your car is completely protected from the curious eyes and sometimes long fingers of the outside world. This is especially important for longer trips. Read more about car transport to Spain & Germany.

Common destinations:

  • Germany - Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich

  • Netherlands

  • Belgium

  • Luxembourg

  • France

  • Austria

  • Monaco

  • Italy

  • Spain

We have experience in transporting most car models, from supercars to amphibious vehicles and everything in between.

  • Koenigsegg

  • Porsche

  • Ferrari

  • Lamborghini

  • McLaren

  • Vintage cars

  • Special cars

  • And much more...

Car transport price

We always tailor our deliveries. Contact us for a free quote for your specific needs.

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