Motorcycle (MC) transportation in secure hands

At Laholms Biltransport, we're not only devoted to impeccable car transportation, we also fully cater to motorcycle enthusiasts. Our dedicated MC Transportation service is designed precisely with your two-wheeled treasures in mind.

What is MC Transportation?

MC Transportation is specially tailored to take care of your motorcycles. Whether you have a single motorcycle or need transport for a full fleet, we've got you covered. Our enclosed trailers can accommodate up to 22 motorcycles plus their packaging, providing them with the highest level of safety and protection during the journey.

What makes us different?

Versatile Delivery Points: We understand the passion of motorcycle owners. Whether you are heading to a prestigious racing event or going for a holiday ride, we can deliver your motorcycle to various locations, including airports, racing tracks, and many other places of your choice.

Maximum Capacity: Our sizable enclosed trailers can hold up to 22 motorcycles plus their packaging, making it extremely effective for transportation in larger quantities.

Impeccable Protection: Enclosed in a trailer, your motorcycles are shielded from weather conditions, dirt and potential road debris, maintaining their pristine condition throughout the journey.

Experienced Handlers: Our team of professionals understands the unique needs and specifications required in handling motorcycles. They're trained to load, secure, and unload your motorcycles with utmost care and precision.

Insurance Coverage: As with all our services, our MC Transportation service comes with comprehensive insurance coverage, ensuring your treasured motorcycles are protected throughout the transit process.

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For all motorcycle owners and enthusiasts, Laholms Biltransport is the ideal solution for all your motorcycle transportation needs. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. Seamless service, safeguarded motorcycles, and peace of mind are always assured with Laholms.


Fantastically good. No stress, friendly, professional and thorough. Highly recommended. Would have liked to give more than 5 stars if possible. Thank you very much!

Peter Lundström
Customer Opinion

Top notch one of the few companies that know exactly what service means!
Communication, updates, on time, proper.

Customer Opinion

Service minded & solution oriented, thank you for great help with transportation of collectibles from southern Europe!

Fredrik Jansson
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