Carrier’s Responsibility and Transport Liability Insurance

The carrier’s responsibility applies when the carrier is at fault for the damage. When we take charge of your vehicle/goods for loading and ceases when the vehicle/goods have been delivered to the agreed place and manner. Therefore, before taking charge and after delivery, the orderer or owner bears the risk and insurance.

The carrier is responsible only for damage to or loss of the vehicle/goods during the liability period. The carrier’s transport liability insurance according to NSAB2000 compensates at 8.33 SDR/kg in case of occurred damage.

If your vehicle is parked and/or fully insured, or if the vehicle has comprehensive insurance, certain damage events during transport are covered by your own car insurance (read more in your own car insurance terms).

If the value of the car exceeds 8.33 SDR/kg, you must therefore take out insurance on your car for the full value for the insurance to be valid in the event of damage/loss.

Note that modified or customized vehicles might require special insurances. Contact your insurance company to ensure that the entire value is covered by your insurance.

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